Big Changes!

Big Changes!

Well hello friends! It has defiantly been a while. I have been pulling double duty on the site plus Mommin, what a handful. With all the great changes coming to Sweet Cakes I am so excited to say that we offer graphic tee's, tanks, totes, mugs, throw pillows and more. Such an exciting addition for us! We also have a new categorie, Sweet Cake Design Signature Series. These are custom designs by Sweet Cake Designs Boutique. There are so many new features available such as our drop down menues. Many of the links are not linked at the time but we are adding new items everyday and working on that diligently. There are two new exciting changes, one huge and the other pretty awesome in itself. We will begin in the next few weeks offering custom graphic designs for our Apparrel and Accessories. We are so over the top about this. I have been working out the kinks with ordering, and etc... The other awesome news is we will begin carrying unique socks very, very soon. I won't say to much, but these aren't just your ordinary socks. I think you will be impressed! I guess that's all the news I have for now. Drop us a comment and let us know how we are doing. We care about what you think and it matters to us. With it being summer, my girls are out of school. We have band constantly and soccer coming up. Planning a vacation is in the works, working on the site and just working period keeps me pretty busy and that's a fabulous thing! I hope all of you have a safe and fun Fourth of July! Let's remember the reason and salute those that are responsible for keeping us free and safe. Talk to you Cupcakes real soon! 

                           Elizabeth T.



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