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Dream Weighted Sleep Blanket

Dream Weighted Sleep Blanket

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**Dream Weighted Sleep Blanket is for Kids & Toddlers Ages 3+ and/or 30+ lbs.

  • 4 lb weighted blanket
  • Kids and toddlers ages 3+ and 30+ lbs

          The Dream Weighted Blanket is designed to keep your child warm and cozy now and for years to come. This gentle 4lb weight feels like a secure and comforting hug and provides deep pressure stimulation to help naturally reduce anxiety, alleviate sensory overload and promote healthy sleep patterns.
        The Blanket features dual fabrics, cozy micro-fleece on one side, and Minky cooling material on the other, making it perfect for use while sleeping, napping, or just lounging around! This is a weighted blanket that the whole family can enjoy! 

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