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Isla Gemstone Heart Necklace | Birthstone Jewelry

Isla Gemstone Heart Necklace | Birthstone Jewelry

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          Birthstones are personally significant to the wearer. These heart charm necklaces offer a choice of gemstone, chain, and length for the perfect gift.

          These beautiful, bold, and colorful gemstone heart charms are outlined in 14kt gold fill and hung on a 14kt gold fill chain. Made with a gemstone of your choice; choose your birthstone (or the birthstone of a friend or family member; these make wonderful gifts!), or just your favorite.

          Comes with two chain options; a delicate paperclip chain or a bold, geometric box chain. You can also !

          This necklace is beautiful worn alone, and also perfect in a layered look!

         Birthstones are gems that correlate with each birth month in the calendar, and hold personal significance and meaning.

We offer the following gemstones for this necklace:

  • January – Garnet – Protection
  • February – Amethyst – Wisdom
  • March - Aquamarine - Serenity
  • April – Quartz – Strength
  • May – Emerald – Hope
  • June - Moonstone - Passion
  • July – Ruby – Vitality
  • August – Peridot – Beauty
  • September – Lapis – Truth
  • October – Peruvian Opal – Hope
  • November – Citrine – Joy
  • December – Turquoise – Friendship
  • Plus Black Onyx and Chrysoprase - just for fun!

          You don’t need to become a gemstone or birthstone expert to find the perfect gift. Whether you’re looking for a gemstone necklace adorned with the birthstone of a child, or a beautiful , we’re here to help!

         We have been fascinated with gemstones from the beginning of history, even assigning these colorful stones special qualities and meanings. Birthstones take this meaning to a personal level. These gemstone necklaces will be a wonderful addition to your own jewelry collection and a perfect and thoughtful gift for a friend or family member.

           All of our jewelry is handcrafted in our studio. We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship. We also work with the health of the environment in mind. For more information on our green initiatives, check out our and

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