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Neon Diva LED ~ Sign

Neon Diva LED ~ Sign

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   LED neon signs are beautiful and sold at an affordable price. These are great gifts for everyone, for every occasion & for everywhere! When compared to the traditional gas-filled tube neon signs, our signs are more affordable (50-70% cheaper!), consume less electricity (3-5 watt only! Save money in the long run! ), more environmental friendly & safer to use & touch (no noxious gas, no mercury, very little heat), less maintenance required (no need to refill gas, can last for 50,000 hrs./ 5-10 yrs.). What are you waiting for! Take it to your home now!

        Instantly create a COZY and DREAMY AMBIENCE to your HOME/BUSINESS from bedroom/ playroom/ game room/ garden/ patio/ living room/ kitchen, to nursery/ playgroup/ classroom/ cafe/ restaurant/ office/ shop front

         Special HIGHLIGHT for Event/ Celebration - baby shower/ wedding/ party/ banquet, or stage decorations

         Comes with holes and screws for easy installation. Low Voltage USB Input, works with any USB port of PC, Power Bank, Battery Box, or 5V 1A/2A USB adaptor. NO Noise and NO Heat emission.
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